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We deliver projects from vision to reality

Local Shoes Shop

Retail store

Kids Room

Design for kids

Dental Office

Work Space

House in Thessaloniki

Residential Design

Apartment in Larisa

Residential Design

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In order to achieve a superior aesthetic, functional and artistic result we creatively combine space, volume, texture, light, shadow and materials.


We specialize in creating functional spaces based on human behavior and ergonomics for both new and existing spaces.


We create realistic images of our designs with a photographic approach.


Design your future                  


We work internationally on a wide range of projects, in order to create unique projects which combine functionality and high aesthetics.

By developing a creative collaboration with the client, our vision is to provide a complete solution in designing and constructing a project. We consult and guide the client through the whole process, in order to provide customised client solutions and a progressive approach during all stages. 


Our Top Designs

Apartment in Larisa

Work space in Larisa

Teenager Room

House in Thessaloniki

  • “As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.”
    Norman Foster, Architect